What the best FIFA 16 kits are, really depend on your personal taste. But as FIFA 16 player you would like your squad to stand out . For most of us FIFA 16 is more than just a game, it is the whole feeling ! So gameplay, graphics, cool stadium ,cool looks, nice badges and kits are things that make the game atmosphere better. Therefore, this post is about what we feel are the top 5 Best FIFA 16 kits.

Best FIFA 16 Kits :

Chiapas FC kit

1.Chiapas FC kit : This is the kit that will make you stand out from the rest ! Light and Dark purple mixed with strong green and a tiger on it. It for sure one fun kit in FIFA 16 and I’m quite sure you won’t see many players using it (until they see it here 🙂 )



2.KV Mechelen kit : If you like to annoy your opponent and still stand out then this is the kit for you ! Black, yellow and red, the colors of Belgium flag. But the biggest reason we went for this kit is the wink on the shirt that during the game keeps changing the eye :).


Getafe CF kit

3.Getafe CF kit : Getafe kit is quite clean but with strong baby green. It really looks nice in the game and it still make you stand out. It’s their third shirt so its 3 on our list as well.



Manchester City kit


4.Manchester City kit : It the away kit of Manchester City this one is extremely stylish. It won’t make you stand out that much as its black but it is one of the most beautiful kits in the game. It’s not too busy and not to many colors.  Also a lot people love black !


SL Benfica kit

5.SL Benfica kit : We save the Best FIFA 16 kit for last ! This kit is beautiful red color, its clean and stylish. It will also make your team stand out for sure.




What are your Best FIFA 16 Kits? Let us know in the comments! FIFA 17 PRE-ORDER Origin CD Key

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