EA Sports introduced a new range of cards, called “Heroes”. You can recognize them by their purple color. The players who have such a purple card, earned it by achieving a personal record, such as becoming topscorer of a national competition. We would like to highlight the best Heroes in the game!

Best FIFA 15 ‘Heroes’

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid): He got a Hero card for becoming the European topscorer of this season. This brings up his total of cards to nine! He also got a TOTY, TOTS, Recordbreaker, 3 IF’s, MOTM, this Hero card and his normal card. Simply amazing. Price: around the 5 million coins…
  2. Elio Castro (Manchester United)This card is not on the market, but a gift from EA Sports to him, and only him. He received his purple card (95 rated, while he is normally 65 rated) for hosting a 50 hour community stream that raised over $80k for charity! Respect for this guy. As I already said, this card is not available for sale.
  3. Eden Hazard (Chelsea): He became the PFA ‘Player of the Year’, which means that he was the best in Barclays Premier League. Many people state that it’s the hardest competition, because of the great amount of world-class team. Hazard really deserves the trophy, because he was outstanding this season. You can pick him up for around the 400k worth of coins.
  4. Joe Hart (Manchester City): This guy has kept his goal clean for many matches for Manchester City. He was not always in a good form, but EA rewarded him with a purple Hero card rated 85, which makes him one of the best goalkeepers in the game. His price is lying around the 400k worth of coins, which is a lot nowadays. I would recommend Cech, but the purple card of Hart looks cool in your BPL squad.
  5. Hulk (Zenit St. Petersburg): Hulk became the topscorer of the Russian Premier Liga, a competition that he joined a few years ago. He is mainly known for his amazing shot power (check this), and this purple card gave him 95 shooting. That makes him one of the most dangerous, no maybe the most dangerous player in FIFA 15 outside the box. He is by far the cheapest, you will need to spend around the 200k for this beast.

Do you agree with this list of Heroes? Please let us know in the comments down below!

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