Best distance shooters FIFA 16 are quite rare but essential when you have a hard time braking though the defense. Long Shots in FIFA 16  are able to score goals for you from 35 to 40 yards(22-37M) .  There are only a few players in the game who are able to do this so we have decided to make a new list about them for FUT 16. Read it below this few lines of introduction!

Best distance shooters FIFA 16 Top 5:

1.Cristiano Ronaldo – LW:  Is still the best player of Real Madrid and still the best distance shooter in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team . His shooting power is 94 and his long shot is 93, combine this with his great heading and overall rating of 93 and you have one of the best players in the game. Only down side of Ronaldo I can think of is his price as he is also one of the most expansive players in the game. But he is absolutely worth it if you have the coins. You can read his player review here!

2.Arjen Robben – RM: Like Ronaldo, Arjen is also at the same position like in on our FUT 15 top 5 best shooters list. Robben is one of the best dribbles around and one of the fastest players in the game. Next to that Robben is very well known for his dribbles from RW towards the goal and shoot with is left to score outside the box. So with overall rating of 90, shooting power of 86 and long shot of 90 Robben is a player you real should have to brake the defense. We have also written a player review about him, you can read it here!

3.Ibrahimovic – ST : I would say again a player in the list that does not need an introduction. Zlatan is very well known for his scoring ability. His best time is in my opinion during his Inter Milan period but at PSG he is still a beast when it comes to scoring goals. Ibrahimović long shot is at 88 and shooting power at 93 which makes him third best in the game. His overall rating is lower than Suarez but due to better shooting combination he landed on 3 in our list of the best distance shooters FIFA 16.

4.Suárez – ST: One controversial players with some odd actions during his Ajax and Liverpool time, also at the world cup. Still Suárez is one great player to have in your team. This guy can score goals like a machine .He has a decent pace, dribble and quite nice shooting power of 88. Combine that with long shot of 85 and you will have one ST that can score goals for you from any position.

5.Bale – RM : This not the first list we make where Bale is part of. Probably most of you know about his speed and that he is one of the best RM’s around. But Bale has more to bring to the game ! With his long shot of 88 and shooting power of 87 this guy can for sure score goals for you outside the box.

Best distance shooters FIFA 16 Top 10:

6.Kroos – CM : Normally our list ends with top 5 but as we feel that this is an important ability so we have added couple players to our list. Starting with Kroos. The centrum midfield of Real Madrid and quite some history in the Bundesliga. Kroos made some important goals in his carrier from outside the box so rating of 89 for the long shot and 87 for the shooting power is not an odd one. He lacks the pace but as he can shoot from outside the box he is an ideal player to have behind your strikers.

7.Rodriguez – CAM : Looking at his position in the team he is an ideal player to make use of his long shot (87) and shooting power (86). Rodriguez is currently one of the best CAM around and whit his young age he can only grow. Last season he was good for 19 goals which is not bad for an midfield. With his overall rating of 87 we can recommend Rodriguez to you with our a doubt.

8.Pogba – CM : When it comes pure shooting performance then Pogba is absolutely one of the best. His attributes are quite balanced with overall rating of 86, but his 91 rating for long shot and shooting power make him exponential. So this makes him a must have when you are looking for a special Long Shoot.

9.Hulk – RW : Hulk is also one of those players who keeps popping up on our list of important attributes. He is most known for his physique so it is not odd than that has a long shot of 90 and shooting power of 94.  He is also one of the cheapest players in our list so if you have less to spend not a bad player to go for.

10.Guarin – CM : If you don’t have thousands of coins to spend on a player but still want to score some distance goals than this is the player you are looking for ! Overall rating is 80 which is not bad but when you look at Guarins shooting power of 92 and long shot of 90 you will be amazed. If you can get his TOWT card you well be even happier as he got boosted two points making his long shot abilities almost as good as Ronaldo!Even though his is at number 10 on our best distance shooters FIFA 16 list we can truly recommend this player as one of the best buy distance shooters.

This concludes our best distance shooters FIFA 16 list please let us know in the comment below what you think about it.

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