Best BPL Strikers FIFA 17

This is our TOP 5 of the Best BPL Strikers FIFA 17. BPL Strikers list of this year has some new stars. So which of the new stares is the best for your build ?Check out below the full list.

Best BPL Strikers FIFA 17

There are quite some changes compare to last year. Some players received a massive boost while others got downgraded.

  1. Zlatan Ibrahimović – ST

    We are kicking off with an amazing addition to the BPL this year. Yeah it is the god among man when it comes to football and when you ask him :). Controversial as always Zlatan left PSG were he had a great season and joined Man United. EA immediately put him on top in the BPL. His OVR stats got boosted by 1 point compare to last year . Therefore there are not many changes looking at his technical details. The man is still a beast, great header and amazing target man. Ball control, shooting power, finishing, volleys and penalties are all in the 90. Overall this is the most complete striker you can get in the BPL. Zlatan does not come cheap though if you want him in your BPL build be prepared to pay 350K.

  2. Sergio Agüero – ST

    Number one from last year got pushed down by Zlatan to the second spot. Last year he head a good season and picked up quote a few IF’s and an mid-season upgrade. In FIFA 17 Agüero feels even better! He got a small boost in stats adding here and there one point. In general not a big difference looking at the statistics but in game you can really notice it. He feels faster, stronger and better on the ball. His OVR is now 89. Comparing to Ibrahimović his heading is quite lower. Still Sergio is a great player to use in your BPL or hybrid team build. His average price is around 400K at the moment which is higher than Zlatan. Honestly this odd but that is how the market works. Zlatan is in game a bit more complete player. So depending on your specific build if you have more City players you should consider if you want to spend that additional 50K.

  3. Diego Costa – ST

    The number three of last year and again this year. He got downgraded by EA for FIFA 17. In game you can extremely notice this downgrade mainly the decrease in pace of 7 points. EA has made FIFA 17 slower but this downgrade is crazy! Actually after the first part of the season I expect to see Costa receiving a mid-season upgrade. But until then when choosing him you have to consider the lack of speed. He compensates that with his strength but don’t expect to pass the defence with speedy dribbles. Use him on one on one situations where he can use his strength. O and you will get good value for your money as Costa will cost you average 45K. Hi is cheap compare to the first two.

  4. Romelu Lukaku – ST 

    Also new in to our top 5 is Lukaku. Great last season with many awards from EA and a massive 4 points boost for FIFA 17. With the received boost his statistics exploded. He was already a beast but with the upgrade he is even stronger. Shooting power grow tremendously but also his overall attacking and heading skills are a lot better. There is no doubt that in FIFA 17 Romelu is an different player compare to his FIFA 16 base version. He pickup up already couple IF so those are even more interesting to get. He cost average 25K so at the moment even a better option than Costa.

  5. Daniel Sturridge – ST

    Last in this best BPL strikers top 5 is Sturridge. I was doubting a bit about him as last year he did not show something special. Looking at Slimani’s performance he deserves more to be on this spot but EA did not give him large enough boost. Back to Sturridge, you can see him like a Agüero in game alternative. Speed, dribbling ,shooting power and ball control is there but slight less than the top 2 player. He cost average 35K which is a bit on a high side. If speed is not a big factor for you than Slimani who cost 1K offers a lot more bang for buck.

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