Best BPL Midfielders FIFA 17

Who are currently the best BPL midfielders in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team (FUT 17)? This top 5 Best BPL Midfielders FIFA 17 list consists of the players on the CDM/CM/CAM spot. We have also published top 5 for the best BPL strikers and the best BPL defenders.

Best BPL Midfielders FIFA 17

  1. Mesut Özil – CAM

    The best midfielder in BPL in FIFA 17 is at the moment Özil. After great season last year with many EA awards Özil started in this year with OVR of 89. The OVR 2 boost points compare to FIFA 16 have of course influence on all his statistics. Good ratings became great like short passing(89), long passing (84), vison (93) and positioning (84). Özil feels in game lighter. He is easy on the ball rarely misses the pass you want to give to your strikers. And of course he is more than capable of scoring goals. Physical and heading are his weak points so don’t try to win headers with him. Average price is 70K which is quite reasonable.

  1. Paul Pogba – CM

    The most expansive player in the world well at least that is sold at such price (125 Mil). Is he worth it? Well so fare it’s a bit questionable but it’s the same with whole Man United. Pogba has the potential to be the best player on the midfield in the BPL. In FIFA 17 he is also on the ones to watch list so whenever he plays well his statistics are increased or opposite. OVR base rating is 88 but due to his OTW rating he has already 89 rating. In fact looking at his statistics he is the best all-round midfielder in the BPL. Shooting (80),Passing (83), Dribbling (87), Physical(87), Pace (77) and Defending (72). The man is a beast, creator, attacker and a good header. What ells would you ask for. So way did we put him on the second spot? It is his price average 700K so 10 times Özil. 89 OVR version cost 2.5 million.  If this is not an issue for you than this is the number 1 BPL midfielder for you.

  2. Kevin De Bruyne – CAM

    Kevin has developed amazingly in the last couple years. Last season he played great ad received several awards from EA. He picked up several TOTW awards, IMOTM,MOTM and Futties. For 2016/2017 season EA boosted his statics by two OVR points.  If you compare his technical statistics on paper there is basically no difference in fact his total team rating is even less than last year. But in game you can notice that EA has placed De Bruyne in the top of the BPL. It’s hard to explain as on paper again there is no difference but he feels more secure on the ball. Also reaction speed, shooting and passing feel a lot more solid than in FIFA 16. Generally Kevin feels in game al lot more complete player than before. When it comes to price he is average around 200K so compare to Pogba quite cheap but if you look at Özil than it’s a different story. But overall when combining all the facts I feel that this spot 3 is well deserved.

  3. Santi Cazorla – CAM

    If this Top 5 would have been build pure based on rating than this spot would have been for Silva. The thing is that Silva mainly spikes with his agility and short pass and is of course City player like de Bruyne. So we want to give you more option when build Hybrid team. This is where Cazorla comes in. More or less the same statistics like Silva. Light , good short pass, agility , Balance, Crossing, Dribbling, Vision, all is there but with point here and there difference. Most important in FIFA 17 I could not really find or notice a difference in their play style. Price is the same average 24K. So depending on your build and budget there are several players which could be on this spot but I went for Cazorla for the variety.

  4. Cesc Fàbregas – CM

    If you want to feed your strikers with long or short passes than there is no better choice than Fàbregas. Yes I know in real live he had his best time but in game still a great choice. In fact when it comes to long passes Cesc is in top 5 off all in game players. Total in game stats exceed players like Iniesta and Özil which is crazy.Cesc biggest problem is his speed or in fact the lack of it. So when you are building your team and want to use Fàbregas think carefully. You need fast guys around him to compensate for the lack of speed and make use of his pass. Price is also quite reasonable with average 25K. Alternatively if you want more speed than Eriksen is a good choice or Gündoğan .

What do you think about our list of the best BPL Midfielders FIFA 17? Please let us know in the comment if you feel that we are missing a player that belongs on this list. Check below also our other TOP 5’s. Also don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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