This is our Top 5 the best BPL FIFA 16 strikers. The Barclays Premier League is one of the strongest league in the world so the top strikers are as well top players  you would definitely like to use for your team build. So which players have the best ratings and are unbeatenable in FIFA 16 UT?

Best BPL FIFA 16 strikers :

So who are the best BPL FIFA 16 strikers according to us ?

1.Sergio Agüero – ST : Agüero is currently our absolute number one striker in BPL. In 2016 he started his season already great scoring many goals which got him a Hero Card.  His overall rating is 87 (88 Hero) with pace and dribble at 89. Shooting at 87, his weakness is heading , jumping and strength so he is not a striker which would work with cross balls. Agüero is fast and strong on the ball so through balls and dribbles work best with him.







2.Wayne Rooney – ST : Rooney is one of those players that is always returning in our top 5’s and that is not without reason he is still one of the better players in the game. He is strong, has an amazing long shot with great shooting power and nice heading. With overall rating 86 Rooney should be for sure on your list if you are building a BPL team.







3.Diego da Silva Costa – ST : Diego is third in line of course due to his 86 overall rating . He is a nice alternative to Rooney and Agüero. His strong point is his physicality which is 88. Diego has decent pace of 82 and nice shooting of 83. His weakness is definitely jumping and long shot so don’t expect him to score from distance to much. Also feeding him with cross balls is pointless. Use his strength in one on one situations !







4.Daniel Sturridge – ST : Sturridge is one of those players you get for his speed. With pace of 89 , dribbling of 81 and shooting of 83 you get a great attacking package. Unfortunately he is also not a player with strong physicality so use is speed with the through passes. Remember when you are building a team to pair him with a physical strong striker in cases that is need in a game.







5.Christian Benteke – ST : The last in our top 5 is Benteke and mainly because his physicality. When it comes to strength this guys is a beast with rating of 92. With great shooting and strong heading make him great player for scoring headers or scoring long shots. He is not the fastest so to expect him to win the sprints ! Combine him with one above fast strikers and you will have a great duo in your team. O and this guy is cheap to get so nice one for the starting team .


This concludes our Best BPL FIFA 16 Strikers . Please let us know in the below comments which striker you think belongs in the Top 5 BPL FIFA 16 strikers list.


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