Couple weeks back we posted the best BPL strikers FIFA 17 and this week we will bring you the list of the best BPL defenders FIFA 17. We have made the list of three categories. The best BPL CB FIFA 17. The best BPL RB/RWL FIFA 17 and the best BPL LB/LWB FIFA 17.This players are the top defending players in the BPL and therefor great for your FIFA 17 BPL build.

Best BPL Defenders FIFA 17

The Best BPL CB FIFA 17:

  1. Vincent Kompany – CBLike the last year Vincent is still one of the best central backs in the BPL . His overall defending skills are at 86 also is physicality is quite good with rating of 81. This ratings are unchanged from FIFA 16. Although Vincent is not the fastest defender, his pace is still ok with 69. Bringing his overall rating to 86 in FIFA 17. What also stands out is his heading so he can also score goals with the corners. He is not the cheapest defender but definitely worth it for your BPL build. Current average price is 20K.
  2. Laurent Koscielny – CB : With boost of 2 OVR points from EA for FIFA 17 Koscielny reached second palace. The boost mainly reflected on important defends skills like strength , heading and aggression. With this little boost Laurent is more complete player and great choice for your BPL build. Of course increase in statistics means increase in price. At the moment of posting his average price is 28K which is more than our number one.
  3. Toby Alderweireld – CB : New addition to our BPL defenders top 5 is Alderweireld. With an amazing boost of 4 OVR points Toby’s technical stats exploded. Basically all his statistics improved between 2 to 8 points. If you combine him with Kompany than you will have an unbeatable central defence in BPL. Again boost in stats means boost in price but with average 13K Toby is quite good value for money.
  4. Nicolás Otamendi – CB : Nicolás was last year our number two but got downgraded by EA. In OVR he received 1 point but all his statistic have been downgraded by couple points. For example his pace went from 75 to 72. Marking from 87 to 83. This resulted that in game Otamendi feels totally deferent in my opinion in FIFA 17. In different I mean less good! Otamendi is still a top 5 CB in BPL but this decrease in his rating has definitely affected his play style. Average price is 15K which is spot on for his rating.
  5. Chris Smalling – CB : Last in our top 5 is as well an new addition Smalling. Chris received also an impressive boost from EA of 5 OVR points. This boost made him immediately one of the best defenders in BPL in FIFA 17. In depth statics show huge increase in some traits of 20 points. If you compare him in game than Smalling is now a totally different player. Manly increase in PHY is well noticeable. Smalling cost around 16K which is not the best value for coin in this top 5. But if you are looking for a good defender with speed and good PHY than Smalling is the player for you.

The Best BPL LB/LWB FIFA 17:

  1. César Azpilicueta – LB : In FIFA 16 he was the second best but in FIFA 17 the number one. Azpilicueta OVR has increased by 2 points compare to FIFA 16. Although this does not reflect in all his technical stats. Still improved OVR does reflect in increase in PHY and PAS. But most importantly bang for buck is amazing. Average price for which you can get Azpilicueta is 6K.
  2. Leighton Baines – LB : Last year our number one but this year beat as his ORV did not change. Still second best BPL LB. There are small changes though in his technical ratings but not much. In game which is most important he feels totally the same. And like least year we can recommend him mainly for his passing skill. Yes his is still a great defender but building but if you like to send your team on a counter than this player can really help. His crossing of 91 can put any striker in front of goal in no time! And with price of 3,5K a no brainer.
  3. Nacho Monreal – LB : With OVR of 81 and a great overall balance Monreal is our number 3 LB. There is not much to talk about Nacho as he does not have something standing out. Good thing is that there are no cons either. So simple good LB with no big weakness or strengths. Price of average 750 coins is extremely cheap for what you get.
  4. Gaël Clichy – LB : Clichy is one of the LB you will not only buy for the defending skill. See most LW/RW are fast players so hard to spot when you LB/RB are lacking speed. Well this is where Clichy comes in with pace of 83. Defending skill is 79 so not bad at all. With the price of 1.2K he is not the cheapest option but still the fastest.
  5. Danny Rose – LB : Danny go tan nice boost from EA for FIFA 17 of 3 OVR points. Nice part of this boost is that his PHY went from 74 to 77 and DEF from 75 to 78. Also SHO from 59 to 63,DRI from 75 to 77 and PAS from 70 to 71. Overall all his statistics received an nice increase and with pace of 82 Rose became very interesting LB to get. Price of 1.6K is not bad as well. Again you are paying here for the speed. You can get alternatively Shaw who is a bit more expansive or Gibbs who is a bit cheaper.

The Best BPL RB/RWB FIFA 17:

  1. Pablo Zabaleta – RB : Pablo has overall 82 which immediately the highest rating for a RB. His defending skill is 84, also physicality is one of his strong points at 83. But even his dribbling of 74 is not bad. What he has lost compare to FIFA 16 is his Pace which is now just 68. Still he is the best balanced RB you can get in the BPL. Price 950 coins so no issues there either.
  2. Bacary Sagna – RB : Yes we have a new addition to the RB’s and who immediately landed on our spot two. Sagna received 3 points increase in his overall rating from EA. So what do you get when you buy this players. Pace of 75 ,Defending of 82 and Physical of 80. In fact if just because Sagna got a bit more speed I would prefer to use him above Zabaleta who does has better defending skills though. Barcary is a bit more expansive with average if 1.5K coins but this is not a hue difference.
  3. Séamus Coleman – RB : Coleman is our third RB but I can say  that the top 3 position or actually the whole top 5 can easy be your number one. The ratings of all the players here are so close so if you build offer better chemistry with any of the top 5 you should go for that option. Coleman pure defending skills are at 81 the same as in FIFA16. Pace 79 , dribbling and physicality at 78. Even his passing is not bad at 72 with crossing standing out at 81. Price is 1.4K so again not much different with the top 2.
  4. Kyle Walker – RB To coop with current fast wingers raw speed is need . So if you are building a BPL team and have limited budget than Walker is the RB for you. With pace of 90 and physicality of 81 this player will your powerhouse. Defending of 78 is decent as well. O and if you like depending on you formation you could use him as RWB. This last option is kind a nice as than he can assist your attack quite often. Trade-off is the 16K price what makes him the most expansive player in this list.
  5. Nathaniel Clyne – RB :  Clyne big change was in FIFA 16 when he got signed by Liverpool. For FIFA 17 there are no changes at all his rating are totally the same. So overall rating of 81,Pace 86,Dribble 78, Defending 79, Physical 76, Pass 71 and Shooting 61. Not a bad balance and again speed is his most important factor of being the top 5. You can use Clyne as well on the RWB position. Price average 4K is fine as well.

This concludes my list of the best BPL defenders in FIFA 17. You may have noticed that players like Terry and Mertesacker or Ivanovic are missing. Although those players have great defending skills they are simply to slow. So if speed is not relevant which I can’t believe to be thought you can get one the mentioned three players. On pure rating they are still top players in FIFA 17.

Please let me know what you think about this list and which players you feel belong in the BPL defenders top 5. You can do that also via Facebook, Twitter or Google+.


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