Last week we posted the best BPL FIFA 16 strikers and this week we will bring you the list of the best BPL defenders FIFA 16. We have made the list of three categories. The best BPL CB FIFA 16 , the best BPL RB/RWL FIFA 16 and the best BPL LB/LWB FIFA 16. The players on our list are the highest rated defenders in the BPL and that’s the reason why we have chosen to talk briefly about every player.

Best BPL Defenders FIFA 16:

The Best BPL CB FIFA 16:

1.Vincent Kompany – CB : Currently Kompany is one of the best central backs in the BPL . His overall defending skills are at 86 also is physicality is quite good with rating of 81. Although he is not the fastest defender, his pace is still quite decent with 69. Bringing his overall rating to 85. What also stands out is his heading so he can also score goals with the corners. He is not the cheapest defender but definitely worth it for your BPL build.

2.Nicolás Otamendi – CB : One more Manchaster City player with great defending skills. Otamendi has quite good pace of 75, fast enough to cache the strikers and with physicality of 82 he surely can push them aside when needed. He has amazing jumping of 90 and head accuracy of 86 making him great defender in the air. He is also quite capable of scoring goals from the incoming corners and free kicks. His overall rating is at 84. Depending on your play style this could be your nbr one defender as well. Of course he is a great combination with the Kompany.

3.Gary Cahill – CB : Chelsea center back with quite strong defending skills of 86. Also his physicality of 76 and pace of 73 are quite decent. Cahill is not as complete defender like the City players but his overall rating is 83 and his low price make him great value for money.

4.Laurent Koscielny – CB : Like Cahill, Koscielny is great value for money. His defending skill is at 84 and for a defender great pace of 78 make him quite interesting addition to the BPL team. Big weakness is his shooting so don’t expect to score goals with him.

5.Jan Vertonghen – CB : Last on our CB list in the heart of Spurse defense is Jan. With 83 for defending and 81 for physicality also 71 for pace make Jan quite balanced player. Also a great link option with Kompany if you have limited budget in the beginning of the game.

The Best BPL LB/LWB FIFA 16:

1.Leighton Baines – LB : Baines is our absolute number one left back from BPL. Way ? Mainly because of his great passing skill. If you think that this is not important for a defender that you are wrong. In most cases when keeper is holding the ball you would pass it to your left or right defender and build from there. Defender like Baines with crossing of 91 can immediately give a great cross towards your strikers . Beside the great passing skill Baines defending skill is great as well.  In fact all his skill sets are in the green and with overall rating of 83 he is a must have for your BPL squad. He is not expansive so there are no obstacles to get him !

2.César Azpilicueta – LB : Again a interesting defender with amazing skill sets. César is an great right back with rating of 84 for defending but what is most interesting about him is his pace of 80 which is quite good and a great option if you use your back sometimes in the attacks. His overall rating is 82 which is not bad either. Staring price of 700 is quite cheap for what you get here.

3.Gaël Clichy – LB : One more City player also not without reason as Clichy is a great defender. Although his defending skills of 80 are not the highest he can compensate that with his amazing pace of 84. With overall rating of 80 and staring price of 650 absolute not a bad option for your BPL team.

4.Nacho Monreal – LB : Is one of those players you would add to your team for his balance. All his skill sets are near the same level only 81 for defending stands out.

5.Alberto Moreno – LWB : A good left wing back are quite rare. We are not sure many of us would play with this specific position but if in case you need one LWB than Moreno is the player for you. With pace of 87 and dribbling of 79 he could come in handy as an attacker. Also he has a good cross of 83 in his pack. With overall rating of 79 he is also not a bad choice at LB position.

The Best BPL RB/RWB FIFA 16:

1.Pablo Zabaleta – RB : The list with City players on top goes on. No we are not City fans but simple their stats are the best for those positions. Pablo has overall 82 which immediately the highest rating for a RB. His defending skill is 85, also physicality is one of his strong points at 83. But even his dribbling of 75 is not bad. Adding 73 for pace he is definitely the best RB you can get in BPL.

2.Séamus Coleman – RB : Coleman is our second RB but I can say  that he shares the first position with Pablo. Although his pure defending skills are at 81 the rest of his ability are more balanced. Pace 80 , dribbling and physicality at 78. Even his passing is not bad at 72 with crossing standing out at 81. So in an BPL build we would personally go for Coleman.

3.Matteo Darmian – RB :  He was signed this summer by Man United making his stats jump from 74 to 81 and actually he quite deserved the way he plays now. He is not as balanced as Coleman but still quite good with defending of 82 , pace of 79 , physicality of 78 and dribbling of 73. Interesting part for the game is his stamina which is 91 so you can make some runs with him without worrying about getting him tiered.

4.Nathaniel Clyne – RB : One more player that jumped in stats. Clyne was last season one of the best right backs in BPL and got signed by Liverpool. At the beginning of this season he proved that he is worth it. So overall rating of 81 is well deserved. What really stands out is Clyne’s pace which is at 86. With the current fast right wingers in BPL its bot bad to have a player like Clyne’s in your team. Also if you like to play with RWB Clyne is the ideal player for it with his speed.

5.Kyle Walker – RB :  There are couple players with higher overall rating but they simply lack the speed to coop with current fast wingers. So if you are building a BPL team and have limited budget than Walker is the RB for you. With pace of 90 and physicality of 80 this player will your powerhouse. Defending of 77 is not bad either.

This concludes our list of the best BPL defenders in FIFA 16. You may have noticed that players like Terry and Mertesacker or Ivanovic are missing. Although those players have great defending skills they are not the fastest in the game and with the fast attackers now believe us you will be in trouble with through balls and crosses forward due to lack of speed. If the speed is not relevant then Terry is one of the best pure defenders around in the BPL.

Please let me know what you think about this list and which players you feel belong in the BPL defenders top 5.

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