This is the third Player Review for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, and because of the poll results, we decided to do it about Arjen Robben. The Dutch right midfielder, who currently plays for Bayern München, is rated 90 in the FIFA 15 game and among the 5 best players in this game. He has had an amazing World Cup this summer, and is on the top of his career. His amazing gift of dribbling around a defender makes him one of the best players in the world.

Current price PS4 (29 oktober 2014): 550.000
Current price Xbox One (29 oktober 2014): 403.000

Fifa 15 UT: Arjen Robben Review

Arjen Robben is a very popular player among the ‘Ultimate Teamers’. This is because of his flawless dribbling, his fantastic shot and his awesome acceleration. He is also famous for his signature move, in which he comes from the right to the center of the pitch, and then shoot with his left foot. This move let him score a lot of goals!

  • His dribbling: he is a 93 rated dribbler, which says in my opinion enough. He can get past an opponent like it’s not standing there, because the ball looks glued to his shoe!
  • His finishing: especially his long shots makes him popular, because they are 90 rated. That can be very useful with him, because he is player who likes to shoot from outside the box!
  • His skills: a 4* skiller, it sounds not really impressing, but combined with his dribbling and pace, it makes it a deadly weapon!
  • His pace: as already mentioned before, his pace is really amazing! His acceleration and sprint speed are both 93 rated, so he can get past every defender! Also very useful if you want to give a cross, which he is 80 rated at!
  • His passing: his short passing makes him a perfect player for sweaty goals, haha, because of the combination pace/pass. You will not enjoy opponents with it, but it can be useful if you need to score!

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