We are two guys from the Netherlands, Joep (16) and Thimo (17). We’ve met each other through the internet, and began to talk about making a site together. Our first idea was inmediately the idea we wanted to work out. The main drive behind making the site was and is still the love for football, and we also enjoy watching this. While we were thinking about a new site, we realized that there were only a few sites that rates players on there played games. So, we thought it was a good thing to make that also popular, by giving the players marks after they played a game. In an overall ranking, also on this site, you can see which player is currently the best on the European fields. We will now only focus ourselves on the Champions League and Europa League, but in the future we are planning to make an update which includes for example the BPL.

We really hope you like this website, and make sure you follow us on social media:


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