Bringing you another Budget Beast Squad! This time its a Bundesliga outfit that only cost 4,600 COINS!  They are really cheap and fun to play with.  Kalou seems to be faster than Usain Bolt himself!  Definitely worth checking this team out!  If you don’t have a lot of coins this team is a great start for you. If you are looking for a Fitness Team for example this is a great buy.  You can rest your top players and still win!  Very cheap and affordable.  Make sure you check it out!


Bundesliga 5K Budget Beasts – FUT 15 Squad Builder

GK – Ulreich: The Stuttgart man. Sharing the spot with Stocker for the highest rated player Ulreich is a great buy for the money!
CB – Anderson: He has great heading, is very aggressive, and is very good at marking. From personal experience this guy is worth the coins. He is great all around!
CB – Ginter: The man that backs up Subotic and Hummels. Ginter is an underrated player, who is fast and is a good defender overall.
RB – Pekarik: This guy is a great buy! One of the cheapest right backs you can get in the Bundesliga. He has amazing defending stats for a right back!
LB – Wendt: This player is extremely good for his price. Decent pace and defending stats also. Complete steal for so little coins.
CDM – Reinartz: The tank as I like to call him. He might be slow, but he sure makes up with his physicality. He controls the midfield and is not a push over.
LM – Stocker: This midfield is field with well rounded players. All of the important attributes for Stocker are in the high 70’s. A great pick up and one of the highest rated players in the squad!
CAM – Holtby: Great center attacking mid. A great talent to have. Holtby might only be rated 77 OVR, but he plays well better than that. He has also well rounded stats.
RM – Stindl: Well balanced all around player. Also, he has great free kicks!
ST – Lasogga: Great young talent that any team would love to have. He is not the fastest but he is clinical!
ST – Kalou: This guy is absolutely amazing for what he is worth. To me he is underrated a little bit in this game. He has great finishing and the pace to go along with it!
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