Everyone knows how hard it is to earn a lot of coins in a short time period in Fifa 15 Ultimate Team. But, there are ways with whom you can get fast and safe coins without spending hours on trading. I will tell you an impressive trading method technique which is very famous for most traders, but is still very effective: the 59th minute trading method. I will tell you how this method works and when to use it.

59th minute trading – FUT 15

This method is really easy to use and that’s the reason why a lot of people use this method, but if you’re fast enough, you can get some good bargains! How does it work? First, the requirements for this method:

  1. Between 10.000 and 50.000 coins: you need this amount of coins to earn a lot of coins. You can also do it with 1 to 10 thousand coins, but with that amount of money you can’t find the best deals (in most cases).
  2. The Fifa 15 Ultimate Team Web App: this is the place where you can trade the best: on your console, things don’t run as fast as on your computer and you need a computer which is fast and has no problems or lagg. You need to buy players fast before others can buy them.
  3. Patience: sometimes it takes some time before you can find a good bargain.

How does the 59th minute trading method work in Fifa 15 Ultimate Team?

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Go to the Fifa 15 Ultimate Team Web app and sign in with your account.
  2. Go to the transfer market and fill in: – buy now min.: 10.000 coins, -buy now max.: 50.000 coins, Quality: gold, Position: striker
  3. ‘Search’ and skip through till you see the players that are just put on the market in 59th minute.
  4. Try to find players that go for a lot more than they are put on the market for. For example: if you find a Wayne Rooney for 10/20 thousand coins, you know that he’s worth a lot more, so buy him immediately and sell them for the price he really goes for.
  5. Make a lot of coins!

Tip: You can use an auto-clicker – easy to download on the internet – to skip pages very fast.

There are varieties on this method. In this video, Toby Leighton explains how this method works. Good luck!

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